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Spike's Own Little Page

Here's a summary of everything Spike did in the MLP TV series. Enjoy!

Firefly's Adventure

Spike is in Midnight Castle pleading with Scorpan to let him go on the next raid with him. Later, when Scorpan is in the throne roon talking to Tirek, Spike runs in and defends Scorpan, "But he tried!" Scorpan then grabs him up. Then, he's there when the ponies are chained up and turned into dragons, then gets grabbed by a guard, and thrown into a cell with Ember. When Scorpan comes and gets them out, Spike tells Ember that it's okay, that Scorpan's his friend. They follow Scorpan into the thrown room, and while he's hitting some of the guards around, Spike cheers him on. When they're on the roof, and Scorpan falls, Spike runs over to him. When Bowtie catches the Rainbow of Darkness, he cheers. After the Rainbow of Light defeats the Rainbow of Darkness, everyone falls to the ground, and all the evil things cahnge back to what they were. When Spike doesn't change back into anything, he explains, "I've always been a baby dragon!" When Ember falls into the stream, he laughs along with everyone else, and waves goodbye to Megan as Firefly takes her back home.

Escape From Catrina

Spike is in the beginning preparing along with everyone else for Megan's arrival. When Sand Dollar tosses a ball over the volleyball net, he tries to catch it but stumbles. When Sundance knocks into the bench he was sitting on, painting a banner, he gets a bucket of paint over his head. He complains, "Now I have to take a bath!" After Megan arrives, he's holding a bunch of balloons inside Dream Castle. At the end during the Costume Ball, he is dressed as a knight and blows the horn to signal the start, and watches as everyone goes by.

My Little Pony The Movie

Spike is playing the piano for Baby Lickety Split as she rehearses for the dance routine. When he sees her dance steps she made up and is going to surprise everyone with, he asks, "Where'd you learn that?" and tells her she'd better un-make it. Later, at the start of the actual dance, he cracks his fingers and then begins to play the piano again. When he sees Baby Lickety Split start to do her surprise dance steps, he's startled. When she's being scolded by Buttons backstage, he runs in. After she runs out, he runs after her, and tried to talk her out of running away. Then he suggests going along with her. Baby Lickety Split doesn't like that idea and knocks him into the wall. She walks out of the nursery and Spike scribbles down a note to let everyone else know what happened, and then runs out after her. When they get to the edge of the canyon, and Baby Lickety Split says it looks like a good place, Spike asks, "A good place for what?" When she starts to ‘fly', Spike grabs onto to her, and they fall to the bottom into the water. He offers to try to shove her up, because dragons are strong, but he can't. When Magic Star, Shady, and Gusty walk by above, the two call for help, but no one hears them. When the Smooze comes, they run into a cave behind a waterfall, and get blocked in by the Smooze. They find a tunnel that leads farther back, and go through it. After going through tunnels for a long time, Spike tells her they'll be out "In two flicks of a dragons tail." Then a rock falls and Spike gets scared, and grabs onto Baby Lickety Split. Then they run into the Grundles, who agree to help them back. They're forced into the river by the Smooze and they all climb onto a log. One of the Grundles discovers that Spike got a little Smooze on his tail, and Spike gets depressed because his tail is one of his favorite parts. They get to the top of a waterfall, and steer the log ashore. By the well, Spike tells Baby Lickety Split to try to wish her problems away. Then they discover Morning Glory in the well, and Spike asks her, "Do you live in this well?" Morning Glory takes them all to Flutter Valley, where they meet up with Windwhistler, Shady, Magic Star, Megan, Molly, Danny, and the Bushwoolie. Back at Paradise Estate, after the Smooze has been defeated, Rosedust blows the Smooze off his tail. "I've always liked my tail," he says. Then he asks her to blow the Smooze off the Grundles and waves goodbye to Megan, Danny, and Molly.

The End of Flutter Valley

Spike is on his way to Flutter Valley with Gusty, Cupcake, Fizzy, Surprise, Baby Cuddles, and Buttons for the celebration. When Baby Cuddles is scared by Surprise's surprise, Spike catches her when she jumps into the air. Then the witches attack them, but the Flutter Ponies come and save them. At the celebration, when the landslide starts, he runs from it, and watches as the Sunstone starts to fall. He cheers when the landslide is over. When they're heading back to Paradise Estate, Spike goes on a Witch Watch. Then they run into the Furbobs, and he introduces himself to them. Then the Stonebacks start to chew on the bridge they're all stand on, and it falls. Surprise catches Spike on her back and gets him back on the ground safetly. On the way to Furbobia, they get surrounded by Stonebacks. They run, and get to Furbobia. While Baby Cuddles is in the steamer getting her leg healed, Spike is being tossed around by the air currents in it. After Gusty, Buttons, and Fizzy leave, Spike decides to go with them and runs out of Furbobia. Right after he explains that he's coming with them because dragons are brave and tough, he gets scared by the slamming door of Furbobia. When they get to Flutter Valley, Spike complains that it "smells terrible". Then the witches attack, and he and the Furbob stretch a vine across the path and trip Draggle. He runs when he sees Og, and they all get caught in a net by the witches. He talks to Draggle about not being so depressed when she feels bad about not being able to do magic well. When the ponies offer to teach her some pony magic, which is actually a ploy to get them out of the net, Spike suggests she take notes. Once out, they head toward Bumbleland, Spike on Surprise's back, only to get stuck on flypaper set up by Hydia and Reeka. So, they get thrown back in the net, but then the Flutter Ponies get there and blow the net off. Later, he's watching as the Sunstone is being lifted back up, and sees the swarm of bees coming. When Flutter Valley is back to normal, he celebrates along with everyone else.

The Ghost of Paradise Estate

Spike is hiding in a closet while the others are searching for the ghost. When Megan finds him, he starts laughing, but Megan tells his that it wasn't funny. Then when the ghost trap is set, Spike doesn't get how it works. Then he suddenly understands, and walks inside it, naming off the steps of how it works. Then he picks up the cake, and, of course, sets it off and gets locked inside the box. He pleads to be let out. When they're putting water buckets up over the door, Spike suggests putting one over "this one!" but gets a bucket of water over his head when he opens the door and discovers there already was one set up over that door. When he runs in in the morning, and sees the big bug on the wall, he says it looks like "some squishy bug of something!" Then he is watching as Pluma destroys Paradise Estate, and later he is on the shore talking to Buttons, explaining how he's scared of water and can't swim. He's helping pull to get the Flashstone, thought Squirk gets it in the end anyway. Then he's trapped in the big skull with some of the others. After they escape and get back on land, they go back to Paradise Estate. He runs over the hill when he sees the net fly overhead. When they're on shore talking to Squirk, Spike adds, "Just don't get us wet." At the end he is cheering when Paradise Estate is brought back to normal.

The Return of Tambelon

Spike is playing hide n' go seek with some of the others. Then when they're searching for the unicorns, he jumps into a bush, thinking it's one of them. He's standing around when Tambelon appears. Then when the lure Grogar out of the city he's one of them in the ring they form around him. When Grogar gets stuck in a tree, Spike jumps on him and trys to pull the bell off from around his neck, but gets tossed off. When they catch the Troggle in the rope, Spike burns the rope to set him free. When they get to city, Spike lights a stick for light. Then they get captured, and thrown into the dungeon with everyone else. The bucket they had the soup in fell on top of him after the soup had been put in the crack. After they got out of the dungeon, he says, "Nothing rings any bells!", which gives Paradise the idea to ring the bell. He's shown hiding his head under his hands while the bell is being rung. Once they are back at Paradise Estate, Spike sees something in the mists that looks like Grogar, but actually turns out to be Ribbon and Gusty.

The Magic Coins

Spike is with Cupcake, Megan, and Windwhistler when they see Posy's dried up garden, from the lack of rain. During the song he is shown walking through puddles, doing a raindance, and trying to lasso the sun. He is in Paradise Estate afterwards. Then he goes with Megan, Cupcake, Galaxy, Windwhistler, Heart Throb, Fizzy, and Magic Star to see the Moochick. With instructions to go find Niblic the troll, he and the others start heading across the desert. When Megan hands him a glass of water, he dries it up by accidently blowing fire onto it. Then when they get closer to Crimson Canyon, they are all chased by goblins. Then he and the others get on the bridge. While they are deciding what to get Niblic, Spike suggests a smoke alarm, a fire extinguisher, and a fireworks display. Then he, Magic Star, and Heart Throb go off to the Haunted Garden to get the golden rose. When Heart Throb gets nervous because she things that plants are alive, Spike says that of course they're alive, because they're plants. He then grabs the rose from the center of the garden, and that makes the plant animals start chasing them. So the three run, but Spike realizes that because they're living they should hate fire. So he breathes fire on them and the plant animals retreat. Back at Niblic's house, Spike holds the rose up to his nose because it "smells real nice". Spike is also on screen when the emerald, and then the ruby are brought in. Then he and everyone else run out of the house, and head back to Paradise Estate. He is standing around when everything is back to normal.

Sweet Stuff and the Treasure Hunt

Spike is only in this episode at the end during the song. He is shown hiding himself under a sheet.

Would-Be Dragon Slayer

During the Pony Olympics, Spike runs in screaming for help. He's being chased by Squire Alonzo, who wants to slay Spike to do a good deed, so he can become a knight. Spike climbs up one of the flagpoles, and after he gets down, clutches Megan's legs as they talk to Alonzo. Spike asks his how slaying a dragon is a good deed, but finally agrees to help him find a good deed to do. So they all go off with Alonzo. After awhile, Spike complains about walking so long and that "We're helping a would be dragon slayer!" After they get through the briars and into the castle, Spike asks, "So who needs rescuing?" When they get done there, they all head back to Paradise Estate. After they discover Alonzo is missing, they back-track to look for him. When they find him, and the wizard appears, Spike says Alonzo is "such a nice guy". Just before Alonzo and the wizard leave, Spike reminds him, "Remember, be nice to dragons". Once everyone starts out for Paradise Estate again, Spike says, "For a would be dragon slayer, he's not so bad."

The Quest of the Princess Ponies

Spike is crossing the Crystal Desert with the Bushwoolies, trying to get to Dream Valley. He's getting exasperated with them because they each tell him a different direction to go in. But then they see lights in the distance, so they go to where those were thinking it's Dream Valley. When they get there, they meet Princess Royal Blue, who explains this is the Royal Paradise. Then Spike is asked to judge who will be queen. Princess Tiffany tells his, "You'll probably pick me." Spike asks, "Why?" After they show off all their talents to him, he can't decide who to choose, so he explains that he doesn't think any of them should be queen, because they're all so good. So then he suggests that the Bushwoolies decide. Then Spike sits down by the fountain and remembers the legend of the Princess Ponies, but he never thought they'd ask him to decide who will be queen. Suddenly there's an earthquake that surprises everyone. He blows fire on Laban when he comes up out of the crack. He's there when the magic goes screwy, then he tells Princess Tiffany to go to Dream Valley, to head for Paradise Estate anbd a Bushwoolie would show her the way. After she and a Bushwoolie fly off, Spike and the remaining Bushwoolies and Princess Ponies are captured by Laban, and taken to the lave pits. He tells the Bushwoolies to jump around to distract to Lava Demons, and he hides behind a rock while they're doing that. Then Spike and the Bushwoolies head off to rescue the Princess Ponies. They run into the Ice Orcs, and Spike warns them not to mess with him, and he blows fire on one of them. The Ice Orcs then think that Spike is a Lava Demon, their enemies, and Spike realizes he made a "tactical error". He trys to explain that he's a "dragon, not a demon, there's a big difference!" but he and the Bushwoolies gets surrounded by a cage of ice spikes anyway. One of the Ice Orcs tests Spike by freezing his arm to find out if he is a Lava Demon or not. Spike passes the test, and melts the ice spike in front of him with his flame so he can get out of the cage. He explains to the Ice Orcs that they need help to find the Princess Ponies, and the Ice Orcs agree to help, so Spike and the Bushwoolies follow them. After they run into the Princess Ponies, Spike introduces them to Knash, the Ice Orc. Then they all go through a secret tunnel, but Laban hears them and blasts a hole in the wall so they all tumble into his chamber. They get surrounded by Lava Demons, and are led towards the dungeon. Spike wants to escape from the dungeon, and when a Lave Demon comes in, Spike attacks him. After the Lava Demon explains that he wants to help them, Spike apologizes and shakes hands with the Lava Demon- to find that it's very warm. Spike then shakes hands for the Lava Demon and Ice Orc so they can all be friends. They get led out of the dungeon, through a door and up some stairs. When some rocks fall on Princess Primrose, he brushes it off. Then when the Princess Ponies start arguing again about who should be queen, Spike sighs. They get to the throne room, and the door opens, and they all get blasted by Laban. He grabs the wands off the table and runs. Everyone heads toward the Heart of Ponyland, and when they get there, Spike and the others run behind a rock when they see Laban, and the rock is blasted. After Laban is defeated, he and the others get on the rainbow to get back to the Royal Paradise. Once there, Spike feels bad for the Bushwoolie that got lost in the Crystal Desert, and then the Bushwoolie run in and he grins.

The Magic Horseshoes

Spike is searching for Mimic with Sweet Stuff. He finds her on a hill, pale. Later, back at Paradise Estate, he is standing next to Mimic. Then when Megan decides to go see the Moochick, he goes with her, Lofty, Paradise, North Star, and Windwhistler. After done there, he and the others fly through a storm towards Skreera. Then you see him during the race at Skreera. Next he and the others go to the next place to look for the next horseshoe. Spike grabs the horseshoe from under the junk pile and causes it to collapse. Then they all go down the tunnel and get captured by goblins. After being rescued by Paradise and Windwhistler, he and the others fly up to the kingdon of the Mountain Elves, and fly on the cloud created by the last horseshoe back to Paradise Estate.


Spike tries to convince the ponies not to run off when they here Somnabula's music, but he can't stop them from leaving. He's there when the Big Brothers arrive, and explains to them what happened. Later, at night, when Spike, the Baby Ponies, and Truly are sleeping in the living room, he wakes up when Somnambula's music starts playing again, and sees Truly fall under it's spell. He and the Baby Ponies try to hold her back, but she gets away. They keep running after her. After Spike and the Babies get on top of a hill, they push a big snowball down on top of the Big Brothers to snap them out of the trance. Later, when Spike and the Babies Ponies are waiting up in the hills, they meet up with Cheery the bird, who Somnambula had forced her into singing, and had just escaped from her. They convince Cheery to help them, and go with her into the carnival place.

Spike's Search

Spike is playing volleyball with the ponies, when, suddenly, he accidently breathes fire on the net. He gets worried it'll happen again, but Megan explains to him that he's getting bigger so his fire breathing skill will become more powerful. Then Spike goes off with Danny. Danny offers to read up on dragons, but Spike decides to go find some dragons who will teach him to control his fire. So they both go off in search of some dragons, and on the way find Weston, a baby eagle who is looking for his parents. Weston continues on with them, and they finally come across a band of dragons. Spike goes to meet the dragons alone, and asks them if he could join their band. They say they'll let him join if he passes a test. Then they go pillage a town, which is the test, and Spike unwillingly goes along with it. Back at their camp, Spike tells them of the little ponies, and how the bake things and play games all day long. So he leads them to Dream Valley. After the dragons have been scared away, Spike goes off with Danny again. He decides that someday, he'll find dragons like himself, because, as Danny explains it, there are probably different kinds of dragons just like their are different kinds of ponies. Then Spike shows him one thing he learned from the dragons- roasting marshmallows with his flame.

The Prince and the Ponies

At the very beginning of this episode, Spike is reading the invitation inviting the Newborn Twins to the palace for a party. Then when the First Tooth Babies decide to crash the party, Spike goes with them, and trys to talk them out of it. When they get to the palace, they look around the wall for a way to get in when a secret passage opens and Suzette comes out. They all go with her. Spike is on the balcony when they see the twins chained up, and at the end when the prince is honoring them.

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