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Princess People: Series Two (set of 6)
(currently 2 listed)

Name: Princess Heather
Hair Color: Golden Blonde
Hair Length: Mid-Back
Hair Type: Straight, but it changes depending on how she feels or who she's with
Bangs or No Bangs: None
Eye Color: Aqua-Blue
Skin Color: White (trys to get tan, but the sun doesn't like her much)
Clothes: attractive pink dress
pink ballet shoes (heels bother her)
Other Accessories: pink purse/backpack
pink Hawaiian-style dress
pink sandles
button-down shirt with white spaghetti strap
silver tiara decorated with pink heart-shaped diamonds
diamond heart barrettes to put in her hair
velcro diamond clips to put in her hair
pink CD player and holder
her great-grandmothere's ring which she wears everywhere (it brings her good luck)
pink cell phone and pager
Adult or Baby Person: Adult
Female or Male: Female
Series: Princess People
Personality: Heather is one of the most popular princesses. She's friends with everyone (especially the princes), but her best friend is named Holly. She loves music, writing, parties, collecting stuffed animals, talking to her friends, and cuddling her sheepdog, Jay. Her flirting with the princes get on the other peoples' nerves because she's so good at it. She's always ready to get dressed up to go out, and is usually seen with Prince Jason.

Name: Princess Emeraude
Hair Color: Blonde
Hair Length: Floor-Length
Hair Type: Wavy, shining, and flowing
Bangs or No Bangs: None
Eye Color: Emerald Green
Skin Color: White
Clothes: long, white floor-length gown
gold chest piece with green jewel in center
silky white slipper
Other Accessories: green tiara made of one large jewel and two smaller ones
hair brush
Adult or Baby Person: Adult
Female or Male: Female
Series: Princess People
Personality: Princess Emeraude is a very peaceful person, and the Pillar of Cephiro. She keeps it peaceful with the power of her prayers, but she was imprisoned by the evil Zagato. When this happened, she could no longer protect Cephiro from evil. She is the one who summoned the Magic Kights to come and help her world. Although she looks young, Princess Emeraude is actually quite old.

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