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Princess Seabreeze

Here's a cool idea for a custom, submitted by Berry Bright! It requires no damage done to the original pony. You will need:
one mail-order Seabreeze pony
blue construction paper
thin ribbon (pink or peach)
silver tinsel

First, braid Seabreeze's mane and tail. Thread a needle with tinsel, and stitch the tinsel through the braided hair. To remove, just cut through the strand of tinsel. Be careful not to cut Seabreeze's hair!
Next, make a small cone out of the paper and tape it together. Thread the ribbon through the top of the cone. The hat should fit over Seabreeze's ears.
You now have a Princess Seabreeze. To revert her back into her normal "mode", simply remove the tinsel and unbraid her hair.
Note: Neither Berry Bright nor I can be held responsible in the case that the pony is harmed in the process of doing this custom.

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