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Nature Nuts People (set of 6)
(currently 3 listed)

Name: Le Ann
Hair Color: Blonde
Hair Length: Short
Hair Type: Straight
Bangs or No Bangs: Bangs
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Color: White
Clothes: white t-shirt
oversized denim shortall
beige sandals
Other Accessories: backpack
Adult or Baby Person: Adult
Female or Male: Female
Series: Nature Nuts
Personality: Le Ann is outgoing and loves the outdoors.

Name: Bear
Hair Color: Blondish-Red
Hair Length: Shoulder-Length
Hair Type: Curly
Bangs or No Bangs: Wisp of Hair Hanging Down
Eye Color: Blue-- so blue they are like glass that you can see through; he has yellow golden dots in them, too
Skin Color: Bronzed/Golden/Tanned bu the sun, wind, and rain; he has hair all over his body
Clothes: soft leather
knee-high boots that tie up
blue jeans that the boots go over
helmet that has two horns on each side
soft leather vest
Other Accessories: leather flask that he carries with him at all times-- if you don't look carefully you will miss it because it looks like part of him
clip-over suit that turns him into a bear
folding fishing pole
leather tent that changes from brown to green as he wishes
hidden ship that comes to him when he whistles; the ship's name is Lavender (named after his wife; she is of the Flower Fairies)
Adult or Baby Person: Adult
Female or Male: Male
Series: Nature Nuts
Personality: Bear is mean as a bear to enemies but ever so gentle to his family and friends. He travels constantly and loves to be in the woods, the mountains, or by a stream. When he has to stop and stock up, he lives in a treehouse that he built. It has ten rooms and travels the height of the largest trees in the enchanted forest, although nobody can find it but him. Some of the "old" ponies remember him as a friend and he has come to thei rescue when the need arises. He is a shape-shifter, too; he can turn into any hairy animal. Bear's heart has been broken by the loss of his daughter; he has searched for years and has not found her but he knows she lives (unknown to Bear or Lavender, their daughter has been adopted by the king and queen and her name is Princess Shell of the Princess People).

Name: Laura
Hair Color: Black
Hair Length: Long
Hair Type: Straight; Usually in Two Braids
Bangs or No Bangs: none
Eye Color: Purple
Skin Color: Tan
Clothes: jeans
cowboy hat
black cowboy boots
shirt w/ southwest design
Other Accessories: claddagh necklace
Native American dress
medicine bag
Adult or Baby Person: Adult
Female or Male: Female
Series: Nature Nuts
Personality: Laura is half Irish and half Native American. She is proud of her heritage and has learned the healing powers of both. She loves riding horses, walking in the woods, and being with animals. She has a good heart and a determined spirt. She loves to sing and has a great voice.

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