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List of My Little People Dolls

Below is the list of different My Little People series'. The typical amount of people in each series is six, but there are some exceptions. Click on the series name to read descriptions of the people made up in that catergory so far.
And remember, if you originally came up with the description of one of the dolls listed with "???" in the "Maker" slot, please e-mail me so I can give you the proper credit! Also, some of the original descriptions I received when I was first starting this site don't have all the blanks filled in; so, again, if you're the maker of one of those, please e-mail me so I can fill those spaces in.
Another point I would like to address is the teenage/adult scenario. As My Little People are made with baby ponies in mind, the adults are not made entirely like true human adults-- since they are toys, all of them have a certain child-like charm about them. Therefore, teenage and adult My Little People are virtually the same thing.

Original People: Series One
Original People: Series Two
Original People: Series Three
Baby People
Flower Fairies: Series One
Flower Fairies: Series Two
Flower Fairies: Series Three
People Playsets
Princess People: Series One
Princess People: Series Two
Animal Friends
MLPeople Tales
Rainbow Tresses People
Nature Nuts People
Glamour Girls People
Teenage Collection: Series One
Teenage Collection: Series Two
Teenage Collection: Series Three
Special Edition Mail-Order People
Sweet Singers People

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