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House with Mommy and Baby

Name Body Color Hair Color Symbol Eye Jewel Color Accessories
Mommy aqua pink and light yellow white house clear -
Baby light pink aqua and purple aqua bottle light blue -
- - - - - --aqua bib
--aqua bottle
--purple clown doll
--pink duck toy
--yellow teddy bear
--purple teddy bear clock
--pink and purple lamp
--pink clock
--purple picture frame
--pink phone and receiver
--two purple glasses
--two purple plates
--two cans of soda
--cardboard strawberries and bananas
--green ball
--pink comb
--cardboard lawn
--yellow swing
--blue crib
--purple chair
--blue table
--purple and pink dresser
--purple stool
--two pink stairs
--four pink railings
--yellow, blue, and pink house

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