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The Bushwoolies' Page

First, here's a handy little introduction to the princesses' Bushwoolies. There are, of course, many others, but these six got the most attention in the media. ^.~

Here's Friendly! He is Princess Tiffany's Bushwoolie.

And Cheery, who is Princess Serena's!

Chumster came with Princess Primrose.

And Eager! He's Princess Royal Blue's Bushwoolie.

And Hugster, who came with Princess Sparkle.

Wishful! His princess is Princess Starburst.

Now that you're in the Bushwoolie mood, you can amuse yourself by reading through this list of their quotes from the My Little Pony cartoon series! This is everyone the Bushwoolies said-- or at least everything they said that I could catch. ^.~

Escape From Catrina

"Spill it, no, I won't spill it."
"Here's your Witchweed potion, your queeness."
"I spilled it."
"Too bad."
"We're tired of being slaves! We're going to escape!"
"Yeah! Yeah!"
"Don't drop me, please don't drop me!"
"We don't wanna know her better!"
"Yeah! We don't wanna!"
"Catrina's asleep! Now's the time to escape!"
"Shorter hours! Yeah!"
"Too late!"
"Shut off the Witchweed machine!"
"Yeah, a window!"
"No! Bushwoolies, unite!"
"Yeah, unite!"
"We're Bushwoolies!"
"What do you think?"
"How do we look?"
"Do you like us?"
"You aren't looking for a large cat by any chance, are you?"
"Catrina and Rep! They went down that hole over there!"
"That used to be our home, but Catrina made us her slaves."
"Follow me!"

My Little Pony The Movie

"That you, shadow? Guess so!"
"Hey, Bushwoolies! It's spring!"
"It's spring, it's spring!"
"The sun is shining and the snow is gone!"
"And it's a beautiful day!"
"Come on, we'll be late!"
"Hi, Magic Star!"
"We were just leaving for the festival."
"With all kinds of Bushmelons."
"And we baked Woolycakes, too. See?"
"You lose her?"
"Ran away? Oh no!"
"Behind you, look out!"
"The Woolycakes!"
"It's her fault! I can hardly move!"
"Smooze? What's Smooze?"
"Yeah, hope, hope."
"Coming with you? Oh yeah!"
"Yeah, stuck with it!"
"Hey, there's even a swimming pool!""Don't like swimming anyway."
"Yeah, everything."
"The Smooze got them, oh no!"
"Yeah, yeah, keep looking, keep looking."
"I do cry, I cry, I'm sorry."
"A failure, yeah, you failed, oh yeah, yeah, yeah."
"Yes I do, Bushwoolies agree with everything, always, all the time, yes we do, yeah, yeah."
"Yeah, RUN!"
"Yeah, everywhere, Shady tried."
"Look out, he's coming back!"
"Yeah, beautiful! Grundles good!"

The End of Flutter Valley

"Please like them."
"We brought you some Bushmelons, too!"
"Yeah, safe, nothing to worry about."
"Yeah, witches, revenge!"
"I wish we could go with you but we don't want to go home alone."
"They're Furbobs!"
"Our first cousins!"
"Furbobs, it's us!"
"I'm Hugster!"
"I'm Chumster!"
"I'm Wishful, I wish you remember me."
"Where are you going?"
"They agreed, they said the same thing!"
"They didn't argue!"
"Oh, Fizzy, thank you!"
"Why don't the Stonebacks like you?"
"Want apples!"
"Well, it doesn't work all the time."
"What're we gonna do?"
"Oh, I wish I could!"
"At least try!"
"I wish the Stonebacks would go away!"
"Besides, they're our cousins, they wouldn't do anything bad."
"Yeah, we're here!"
"We can help!"
"Yeah, we're good diggers!"
"Wish you luck, Flutter Ponies, you'll need it!"

The Glass Princess

"Look, Little Ponies!"
"Let's go to Paradise Estate!"
"Gotta go to Paradise Estate!"
"Thank you."
"Pony kidnapped!"
"Raptoriums come with nets and take them away!"
"Lickety Split, Heart Throb, and Gusty!"
"The Black Mountains!"
"Way to go, North Star!"
"We want clues!"
"Hey! Our granddaddys used to live in these caverns! We can find way in!"
"Now, let me see, ah ha, this way!"
"But then again..."
"This way!"
"Maybe that way."
"Bushwoolies remember this is entrance!"
"Dangerous? Bushwoolies don't like danger!"
"This way."
"Lemme see!"
"Bushwoolies wanna see, too!"
"Pony hair, yeah."
"What are they doing?"
"Hide, hide!"
"Raptoriums coming!"
"Bushwoolies think Porcina not that bad."
"Why not stay with us?"
"We need beautiful hairgroomer like you."

The Return of Tambelon

"Most of Bushwoolies captured too."
"Bushwoolies have plan, too."
"Bushwoolies turn into tumbleweeds!"
"Yeah, charge!"
"Troggles don't like tumbleweeds!"

Crunch the Rockdog

"Look out! Crunch coming!"
"Run for your lives!"
"Let's go left!"
"Help, help!"
"The Rockdog from the purple mountains!"
"Oh, it was horrible!"
"Terrible, I tell you!"
"Turn to stone!"
"Make marsh into rocky valley!"
"No more green!"
"And-- and-- turn Bushwoolies-- turn Bushwoolies into STONE!"
"Purple mountains!"
"What's that?"
"Crunch the Rockdog!"
"Look out behind you!"
"Behind you, behind you!"
"Behind me, behind me?"
"Yeah, yeah, we're okay! Yay!"

Sweet Stuff and the Treasure Hunt

"Come and join us!"
"What's tag?"
"Help! Help!"
"Bushwoolies playing tag, ran into Truly!"
"Asked if we could help, and she said we could go fly a kite."
"One by one? What's that?"
"Bushwoolies not going anywhere!"
"We're the treasure!? We're the treasure!"
"Oh, we're sorry."

The Quest of the Princess Ponies

"This way!"
"Sure, you bet."
"A light! I saw it!"
"No, not Dream Valley."
"Guardian? Imagine that!"
"Contest, oh boy!"
"What's a contest?"
"Yeah, me too!"
"I agree! Never!"
"Hey, what happened?"
"Where'd we go?"
"Where'd he go?"
"Sorry, Bushwoolies not fall."
"That way, uh oh."
"That was fun! Let's do it again!"
"Yeah, yeah, Princess Ponies!"
"Yeah, worth a try."
"Let's go!"
"Yeah, real important!"
"What's important?"
"Run, run for it!"
"Run where?"
"You bet, leaving, out of here!"
"Charge, yeah, yeah, Bushwoolies charge!"
"Here Megan, Rainbow of Light."
"Bushwoolie bushed what's for dinner?"

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