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2000 Fashions (set of 6)
(currently 3 listed)

Name of Fashion: New Treds
Clothes Included in Set: t-shirt
Accessories Included in Set: hat
pack of "gum"
Series: 2000 Fashions

Name of Fashion: Sequin Shimmers
Clothes Included in Set: silver sequined dress
silver sequin gloves
silver high-heels
silver ribbons
silver tiara
knee-high silver vinyl boots
short silver sequin skirt
silver sequin vest
Accessories Included in Set: silver-rimmed sunglasses
silver nail polish
silver lipstick
silver eye shadow
silver brush
navy blue banner on a white pole that says "2000" in large letters
Series: 2000 Fashions

Name of Fashion: Night Serenade
Clothes Included in Set: black velvet dress
black boots
black ribbons
black high-heel shoes
black skirt
black vest
black gloves
black elbow-length gloves
black bell-bottoms
black t-shirt and shorts
Accessories Included in Set: black cat
black lipstick, eyeshadow, nail polish, and blush in a mini cosmetics case
Series: 2000 Fashions

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